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FancyDesigner 為一套具有平面、立面、剖面及影音動畫等功能之專業3D虛擬實境空間設計系統。產品具創新性,具有多項優勢

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A Few Words About FancyDesigner ! PDF 列印 E-mail
作者是 ruler   
週二, 12 八月 2008 18:00

FancyDesigner is a convenient and easy-to-use virtual-reality scene design software.

FancyDesigner 2.2 ProfessionalFancyDesigner is a convenient and easy-to-use interior design software. Simply speaking, you can construct a 3D model house simply by using the mouse to select any building materials and decorations that you like, and then by simulating a person's viewing angle, you can look around the house as if in real time perspective. As a matter of fact, you do not only save the cost of constructing a real model house, you can also preview the effect of the interior design. FancyDesigner saves you time and money and it is really a convenience! Whether you are an interior designer, a hobbyist, or if you just want to make your beautiful dream house come true, FancyDesigner can display the ideas and designs in your mind to enables more people feel your ingenuity as in reality. It will also help those of you who likes to decoreate your houses to clearly express your ideas to the constructors.

Software like 3ds Max can provide magnificent colors for output, and CAD software provide accurate measurements for the construction design. But if you want something that is easy to use, ideal for proposals, and presents the design idea immediately for interactive discussion with customers, you must use virtual reality interior design software. However, the virtual reality interior design software currently on the market is limited in its quality and performance. Therefore, it has led to a lot of designers being afraid of using such software. Today, Rules Technology, with many years of devotion to 3D virtual reality technology, introduces "FancyDesigner" which will change your perception on virtual reality interior design software.

The first impression that "FancyDesigner" gives to a person is that it is not a daunting and complex interface. The entire program is divided into three windows, "Control Panel", "Perspective View" and "Top View". Almost all of the operational steps are completed by the "drag and drop". The overall feeling for an user is that it is as if playing building blocks, piece by piece the model comes together. In the following chapters we will introduce all the characteristics of "FancyDesigner" in detail.

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