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FancyDesigner is a professional 3D Virtual Reality Space Design System that can generate complete blueprints as well as layouts, cross-sections and multimedia presentations.

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Texture Packager Instructions PDF Print E-mail
Written by ruler   
Friday, 04 July 2014 21:55

Texture Packager Instructions

1. Run RulesDBPackager, switch to Texture Packager function page.

2. In the material information column, enter Material Information, Material Name, Material Brief Name, and Art Designer.

3. Set the measurement for texture(cm).

4. Click on "BaseMap", select an image to the basemap.

5. Click on "BumpMap", select an image to be the bumpmap.

6. Set Bump map Factor. (Please refer to Texture Packager User Instructions)

7. Click on "Environment Reflection Map", select an image to be the environment map (if necessary).

8. If Environment map is selected, you can set the Factor of the environment map. (Please refer to Texture Packager User Introduction)

9. Adjusting the setting for material. (Please refer to Texture Packager User Introduction)

10. Transparent object property setting. (Please refer to Texture Packager User Introduction)

11. Double-side property setting. (Please refer to Texture Packager User Introduction)

12. Preview mapping and lighting effects.

13. Select "Save File" to export to .rpkt file.



Texture Packager User Instructions


1. "Material Information"

  • Including Material Name, Material Brief Name, Art Designer. There are not character limitation on Maerial Name, you can enter detailed information on the model. Material Abbreviation is only limited to 8 Chinese characters or 16 alphabets, this abbreviation will be displayed on the bottom of the icon in FancyDesigner database. Art Designer is for you to enter the name of the designer. Click Enter to save the new information.
  • "Material Information" window will be opened when you click on Material Information" button. Users can record all the relevant information on the material in this window.

2. The measurement of the model wall for preview mapping is 1 meter square. So, the setting for the measurement of the width and height will affect the effect of the mapping.

3. Currently the acceptable format for map files are .bmp, .jpg, and .tga. You can assign it as Base Texture, Bump map Texture, or Environment Texture. When the cursor is placed above the already set mapping icon, the map name will be displayed for user reference.

4. If bump map is applied, then adjust the bump map amplitude, the larger the number the more visible the bump effect. If the value is negative, the bump is reversed. If a value is entered for bump map amplitude, please remember to click on Enter to save the changes. If environment reflective map is applied, then adjust the environment map factor, the value ranges from 0 to 1, the greater the value, the more blended it is.

5. Adjusting Material Setting. Made necessary adjustment on the Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Emissive and Power on the current material. When the material is used in the scene, the value currently set will be used in replacement to its original value for maximum effect.

6. If transparent effect is available for RPKT, such as glass material, then please select this item and adjust the level of transparency.

7. If double-side display is required for the RPKT, such as glass material, please select this item.

8. It is recommended that the map size is not greater than 256x256, unless it is require for special purpose.




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Last Updated on Sunday, 06 July 2014 17:29

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