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Multiple light sources can be simulated to create a realistic shadow effect.

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Model Packager Instructions PDF Print E-mail
Written by ruler   
Friday, 04 July 2014 21:55

Model Packager Operational Procedures

1. Run RulesDBPackager, switch to Model Packager function page.

2. Click on "Import DSMD"to import .dsmd file.

3. Adjust the object to a suitable size and viewing angle. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

4. Adjust to a suitable Environment Light source in the scene. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

5. Click the "Reset Position" button to return the model to its original imported state after you have make adjustments to the model.

6. Adjust to a suitable background color. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

7. When a light source is included in the model object, clicking on "Light Source Display" will display the location of the light source.

8. Entering Model Information, Model Name, Model Brief Name, and Art Designer. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

9. Adjust to a material value that is suitable for the object. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

10. Adjust the necessary texture settings. (Please refer to  Model Packager User Instructions)

11. If the imported model is a 2D image, then adjust the related properties for the Billboard. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

12. Adjust the related properties for geometric module. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

13. Adjust the measurement ratio for the model. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

14. When a light source is included in the model object, you have to make relative settings for the light source. (Please refer to Model Packager User Instructions)

15. Click on the "Display in Wireframe Mode" button to display the models in grid mode for inspection of the geometric surfaces of the object model.

16.Click on the "Outline" button to display the contour of the model when it is selected.

17. Adjust to suitable light source illumination for the environment.

18. Select "Save File" to export to .rpkm file.


Model Packager User Instructions

1. What you see in the window are the icons that will be displayed on the FancyDesigner database page.

2. Make use of the Bump map effect on the model mappings. (Please refer to HOW-TO)

3. Camera Position。

4. "Adjust Object Postion/Adjust Camera Position" inter-switch button: When the button is set on "Adjust Object Postion", you will be able to move the model in the window by using the mouse or keyboard; when the button is set on "Adjust Camera Position", you will be able to shift the camera’s location by using the mouse or keyboard.

5. "Environment Lighting": Click on this button to turn on/off the default light source, adjust the illumination, or other related settings in the scene.

6. "Background Color" adjustment button: What you see in the window is what is displayed in the database in FancyDesigner. Therefore, you can choose a color of your choice to be the background color.

7. If you have moved the object or camera with your mouse or keyboard, you can click on the "Reset Postion" button to return to the original state.

8. "Light Source Display" button: When a light source is included in an object, clicking on Display Light Source will display the location of the light source.

9. "Triggle Simulation" button: When "Triggle Simulation" is selected, clicking on any animated object on the scene will activate its animation.

10. "Animated-Object Edit": When you need to create object animation, you can click on this button to make the animation settings.

11. "Import DSMD": Import DSMD model file.

12. "Model Information"

  • Including Model Name, Model Brief Name, Art Designer. There are not character limitation on Model Name, you can enter detailed information on the model. Model Abbreviation is only limited to 8 Chinese characters or 16 alphabets, this abbreviation will be displayed on the bottom of the icon in FancyDesigner database. Art Designer is for you to enter the name of the designer. Click Enter to save the new information.
  • "Model Information" window will be opened when you click on "Model Information" button. Users can record all the relevant information on the model in this window.

13. "Material Attribute" adjustment button: Make Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Emmisive, and Power adjustments on the geometric module picked by the mouse click to achieve maximum effect. The Ambient and Diffuse effect for models created in Max will seem different from when viewing under Max, therefore, it is recommended to readjust the values after importing into the Packager scene. Regarding the settings for opacity, it is set according to the amount of light the shades for the lamp is pervious to. (Please refer to Building Light Source Inclusive Models)

14. "Texture Attribute" adjustment button: Including base map, bump map, environment map. Apply necessary map such as basemap, bumpmap, or environment map onto the geometric module pick by the mouse click. If bumpmap is applied, then adjust the bumpmap factor, the larger the number the more visible the bump effect. If the value is negative, the bump is reversed. If a value is entered for bump effect, please remember to click on Enter to save the changes. If environment map is applied, then adjust the factor. The factor is between 0 to 1, and the larger then number, the more blend the effect.

15. "Billboard" setting: To set so the 2D picture image is always facing the camera. (Please refer to Setting the 2D image for Billboard)

16. "Geometric Module Property Setting"

  • Level of Transparent: Make the picked geometric module transparent. The transparent value ranges from 0 to 1, the greater the value the more transparent its effect.
  • Level of Subdivide: Make fine the picked geometric module. Increase the polygon value for the geometric module and the object will look more refine.
  • Lighting Effect: Setting the object to have changing effect on light source and shadow.
  • Double-Side Display: When the model is only created with one side, but two sides are require; you can select this item to achieve the double-side effect.

17. Size: According to the length measurement or the percentage measurement, model can be enlarged or reduces accordingly. Users can also select the ratio function if necessary.

18. When an object in the scene needs to be set as lamp, you can select " Make a Lamp Object" and a light source will be automatically added. Users can choose whether to add another light source accordingly. Utilizing Combo-Box can also edit the properties of the already existing light source. If the location of the light source needs to be adjusted, select " Modify Light Position" to display the location for all the light sources, adjustments can be made by using the mouse.

19. Display in Wireframe mode: Display the objects in the scene in wireframe.

20. Display Outline: Displaying the outline of the object.

21. Adjust the illumination of the environment light source: Enables the adjustment of the illumination of the environment light source to make the object more realistic.

22. It is recommended that the map size is not greater than 128x128, unless it is require for special purpose.

23. Currently the acceptable format for map files are .bmp, .jpg, and .tga.

24. The default setting for"Antialias" is ON for preview window to avoid jagged image effects.

25. When using the bump map, the lighting effect function must be on at the same time, otherwise the bump effect will not be displayed. Therefore, a confirmation message will appear if user is turning off the lighting effect function; and if bump map is still in use with lighting effect off, the confirmation window will appear again when saving the file to remind users that bump map will not be displayed.














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Last Updated on Sunday, 06 July 2014 00:07

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